What’s New in Dynamics GP 2018?

This blog lists enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics GP for the GP 2018 release. The GP 2018 release enhances specific areas of the product, while also expanding existing functionality, notably in the document attachment and workflow areas. The user experience has also been enhanced to make finding the information you use to make business decisions faster and easier.

This information is organized in the following sections:

Platform and system-wide enhancements

  • Login remembered when working in System Manager
  • Comprehensive document attachment

Workflow 4.0

  • Reminder emails
  • Copy workflow step
  • Reporting for workflow
  • Additional fields are available for Payables transaction workflow
  • Additional messages are available for purchase order workflow
  • Bank used for EFT added to vendor approval workflow
  • New workflows for new accounts, receivings transactions and purchasing invoices

User experience enhancements

  • Additional sorting options added
  • Unique passwords can be entered for individual SmartList favorites.
  • A shortcut to SmartList has been added to the web client.
  • Auto-complete now included in the web client
  • One-click navigation to SmartList from web client

BI enhancements

  • GP OData service updated with paging and filtering.

Financials enhancements

  • Print a single statement from Customer Maintenance
  • One payment per invoice set or one payment per-vendor
  • Save select payment settings
  • Copy user access across dimensions in Analytical Accounting
  • Payables checks windows renamed to reflect alternate payment options

Distribution and supply chain enhancements

  • Purchase order generation list opens with newest POs
  • PO information displayed for requisition originator
  • Print purchase requisition
  • Display Hold status in the sales transaction entry

Human Resources and Payroll enhancements

  • Roll down payroll setup options from setup to inactive records
  • Turn off garnishment reports in posting setup
  • Change the department code in all data tables
  • Restrict inactive deduction and benefit codes in lookup windows


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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 is available for download

I am excited to share the detail about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 release. Yes, its ready to download now from Microsoft partners side with including the features like Power BI on Web Client Home page; ability to cancel a Purchase Order when linked to a Requisition; Display Tax Percent for Historical Transactions; and etc.,

Please check the features blog series here. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 features.

Download Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations trail

A 30-day trial of Dynamics 365 for Operations is available through a simple sign-up with using company email.

Dynamics 365 for Operations Trail – Click here.

A Getting started guide that is included in the trial version provides a step-by-step task guide that lets you see specific scenarios in action. The product is available, so that you can explore and go through scenarios. Demo data is included to help make the product easier to use and make the experience more meaningful. A reminder email will be sent three days before the trial expiration. At that time, you can complete the purchase.

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GP 2016 RTM – Fix list

GP 2016RTM – – The following is a list of GP 2016RTM fix list.

Project Accounting/Project Time and Expense(PTE)

Project Time and Expense Timesheet templates do not save if a line does not have hours.

When a user submits a timesheet thru PTE for approval, and that document is rejected or recalled and changes are made to it, they are not being saved.

When an approver uses the PTE Timesheet navigation lists to approve timesheets their status is not updated and they are not removed from the list once approved.

You may receive an error in PTE “The stored procedure FillTimesheetsListTempTable, Pass Through SQL returned the following results: DBMS: 2627, Microsoft Dynamics GP. .” when opening Nav list

Prepayment with Project Accounting enabled does not reverse the Prepayment on the Shipment/Invoice

You may receive an error when trying to enter a negative timesheet in PTE  “You are not allowed to have negative Actual Quantity”

PTE Error “Index 15 of array ‘PTE QTY Week’ is out of range in script ‘PTE_Inquiry_Zoom_TimesheetI_SetTheRange_CHG’. Script terminated” when zooming into historic Timesheets

Project Time and Reports do not show up in the navigation list for the workflow manager even though the workflow manager is setup as a delegate for all users.

1099 Details window in Purchasing not updated correctly when 1099 Amount field is edited on Employee Expense transaction in Project after installing Year-End Update Release

Project Time and Expense Navigation List has slow performance

Project Time and Employee Expense Amount field not active when the ‘Enable GST for Australia’ option marked in Company Setup

SSRS Project Cost Breakdown report does not take into account Trade Discount amounts on Receiving’s Transaction Entries

You may receive an error “You don’t have security privileges to open this window. Contact your system administrator for assistance.” When viewing historical timesheets in Project Time Entry.


Affordable Care Act forms do not print correctly when you have MQGE Employees (Medicare Qualified Government)

Two redisplay buttons on the action pain in the payroll check batch window.

Pay code modifier does not change the name of the code in the UPR40101 table FUTA/SUTA setup.

Table resource descriptions missing for affordable care act tables.

Mask SNN fixed for FICA Wage report, direct deposit list and employee check stub on bottom.

Affordable Care Act  1095 information is incorrect when crossing years of 2015/2016 data

Employee Maintenance window showing ‘workflow pending’ even when there actually isn’t

Human Resource

When you are setup to automatically update payroll, benefit maximum information is not updated.

New Vets-4212 form (replaces Vets-100 form)

Advanced Human Resource

Tabs are cut off in employee self-service certification and license window.
Plan Benefit Setup cannot handle special characters.

Employee Dependent window does not allow users to exit.

Advanced Payroll

Advanced Labor Report Department Analysis Detail report PKAPR_PR70510 cannot insert duplicate key.

Additional quantity is back flushed when Total Quantity Received option marked.


Account lookup button next to the Account field on the Purchase Order Requisition window is disabled when Multi Currency is not registered.

SOP Posting Performance  degradation with increased number of document attachments in the CO00102 and CO00101 tables.

Inventory Purchase Receipts SmartList:  Integer values greater than 1,000 are being exported to Excel as the digit, such a ‘1’, instead of 1,000

When deleting an unsaved Price Sheet you may delete the previously selected Price Sheet

When the POE commitments functionality is inactivated, the system does not eliminate the budget id

Purchase Receipt – Issue recalculating the average cost for backdated transactions

Total not calculating properly in Purchase Requisition Entry Window

Item Stock Inquiry Window Performance

Item Description is being overwritten when a PO Requisition is transferred to a Purchase Order when there are multiple same Item Numbers (non Inventory item or regular inventory item)

Field Service

You may receive an error Invalid object name MOP1041 when posting receiving batches and Manufacturing is not installed.

Notes not saved unless the Service Call is saved first

Service Calls using lot numbers brings items into the Service Serial/Lot Work and History table (SVC00250) with zero unit cost

Entire line is deleted from work order when you select to de-allocate parts.

Analytical Accounting

Analytical Account receiving transaction may create distribution amounts that do not match the line item amount.

Analytical Accounting Budget Maintenance Account Splits % changes do not save & zero’s out amounts

Analytical Accounting Alias Import – “Invalid code combination. Import failed for XXX.”

You may receive an error “Save Operation on table aatrxdimmstr” when creating a transaction dimension with Ledger or Account in the description field.

Import Alias process is not updating the next aaRowID in the AAG00102 table, causing error “This record has been created since your attempt to create it. Changes won’t be saved”

Unable to use the Selection button to pull up the Transaction Dimension Code selection window from the Analytical Purchase Requisition Entry window

You may receive an error in the Analytical Accounting Budget Tree window  “An error occurred executing SQL statements.” “GPS Error:58” “SQL Error:156 Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘set’.”

When doing a reversing entry in Analytical Accounting to a closed year and reverse in the new year, the AAG40000 has Analytical Accounting records for both years.

Unit account balance does not get cleared in AAG30002 table during year-end close.

Error “The correlation name ‘a’ is specified multiple times in a FROM clause” when running Check Links on Analytical Accounting Work Transactions.

Error “assigned amount does not equal the distribution amount” when validating a distribution that was entered with a 50% split when Multi Currency is not registered.

Fixed Assets

Depreciation Ledger reports may have an incorrect Net Book value when including retired assets.

Fixed Assets depreciation report includes retired asset when it should not base on setting.

Asset Purchase to existing assets causes blank Asset ID or inadvertent Asset ID name change.

Invalid Message “If Target Date is prior to the current year for any book, it must be the last day of the year.”


You may receive an error “There is no default account payables account configured” when using the void historical transaction on a payment.

CAM Receivables Does not calculate details correctly

Unhandled script exception while trying to process a lockbox multiline file when the data set starts with a single line transaction

Drilling down on Source Document in the Journal Entry Inquiry pulls up the wrong document.

SafePay- addan option for Net Total Absolute Value to the Amount Type field in the Output Fields.
Country Code GP misspelled.

Vendor lookup not working in the Void Historical Transaction window when entering a letter(s) before hitting the lookup button.

Payment Terms prompt is incorrect on Annual Due Date Payment Terms, displays add months, should be add years.

French Multilingual Checks incorrect ‘thousands’ wording for 1000 – 9000’s when check over a million dollars

General Ledger Reconcile Utility throws a long integer out of range EXCEPTION_CLASS_SCRIPT_OUT_OF_RANGE error

Violation of PRIMARY key on RM Reconcile to GL routine when Balance Forward Customer has more than one payment on the fly with same transaction source

The sort option on the Print Sales Documents window (the Doc Type/Customer sort) does not work nor from Nav List

You may receive an error “A get/change operation on table ‘RM_OPEN’ failed. A record was already locked when using the Apply Sales Documents window

Employee Self Service

Employee W4 does not update from Self Service if there is no existing record for the employee in UPR00300, tax detail table.

Self Service Managers cannot see Employee Available Time for Vacation, Sick, Float, etc.

Timecard Self Service Human Resource Attendance time not available on Home Page Tile to Employee

Self-Service Employee workflows are showing as RECALLED in workflow when really they are COMPLETED

Self-Service  Pay check error — You don’t have security privileges to open this window, contact your administrator

Self Service ADMIN CODE option does not work for payroll timecards

Employee Self Service – Direct Deposit workflow change is updating direct deposit tables incorrectly.

Employee Maintenance window showing ‘workflow pending’ even when there actually isn’t

Self Service Timecards – does not honor past pay periods or future pay periods as it should


Performance issue in Sales Transaction Entry when using Reverse Charge VAT

Drill Backs links are incorrect on workflow emails.

Workflow –  ‘A save operation on table ‘coAttachStatus’ has created a duplicate key’ when posting your payables check batch on an invoice with a document attached.

Workflow Manager is deleted/missing when upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Self-Service Employee workflows are showing as RECALLED in workflow when really they are COMPLETED

{%Comment1%} and {%Comment2%} fields, available to add to WF ASSIGN PO APPROVAL email notification, return no values

Employee Maintenance window showing ‘workflow pending’ even when there actually isn’t

Workflow Email Message Document Lines Fields are populated with incorrect data

Dexterity crashes when using TFS for Source Code Control and the connection to the Source Code Control location is dropped.
Collate Options within Microsoft Dynamics GP do not appear to work
When exporting to HTML text overlaps when opening in Internet Explorer.


General Ledger batches created by eConnect are not properly assigned to an approver when submitted to GeneralLedger Batch Approval workflow.

Incorrect checks in taGetNextJournalEntry results in error 687 (duplicate journal entry) in taGLTransactionLineInsert

POP Landed Cost Invoice integrating through eConnect causes errors

General Ledger Transactions imported with Exchange Rate not handling rounding

taPopRcptLineInsert throws incorrect error on workflow

Payroll Time Management App

Time Management App does not work with two workflows where 1st workflow is inactive

Web Client

The reports that are printed to screen do not display and web client locks up intermittently until you minimize and restore the IE window to return focus to the web client.


Searching on Index within GP Help causes GP to lock up

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Version information for all Microsoft Dynamics GP

The complete list of version information for all Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.

Product ID Product 2016 RTM – May 2016
0 Dynamics 16.00.0404
1 Dexterity
Install 16.00.0406
258 Project Accounting 16.00.0398
309 Fixed Assets 16.00.0389
346 Manufacturing 16.00.0389
414 Human Resources 16.00.0389
949 Field Service 16.00.0389
1042 Interfund Management 16.00.0389
1045 Revenue Expense Deferrals 16.00.0389
1058 Cashbook (Bank Management) 16.00.0389
1150 Scheduled Instalment 16.00.0389
1235 Safe Pay 16.00.0389
1428 Electronic Reconcile 16.00.0389
1493 SmartList 16.00.0389
1632 Cash Flow Management 16.00.0389
1838 Technical Service Tools 16.0.1
1878 Excel-Based Budgeting 16.00.0389
1911 HRM Solution Series 16.0.1
2150 Payment Document Management 16.00.0389
2199 Business Activity Statement 16.00.0389
2277 Purchase Order Enhancements 16.00.0389
2416 Control Account Management 16.00.0389
2547 Enhanced Commitment Management 16.00.0389
2788 Enhanced Intrastat 16.00.0389
2992 CopierSeries 16.00.0389
3096 VAT Daybook 16.00.0389
3104 Advanced Security 16.00.0389
3180 Analytical Accounting 16.00.0389
3258 Encumbrance Management 16.00.0389
3278 Report Scheduler 16.00.0389
4067 ML Checks 16.00.0389
4421 Grant Management 16.00.0389
4522 Payroll Integration to Payable 16.0.1
4621 Analysis Cubes for Excel 16.00.0524
4933 Certification Manager 16.0.1
4955 Employee Health and Wellness 16.0.1
5597 HITB Report 16.00.0389
5967 Fixed Assets Enhancements 16.00.0389
5982 Export Financial Data 16.00.0389
6499 Dynamics Online 16.00.0389
6831 Date Effective Tax Rates 16.00.0389
7131 Canadian Payroll 16.00.0389
8811 Direct Debits & Refunds 16.00.0389


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