Import Customers using Data Import framework in AX 2012 R3

  1. Open AX application and select the Appropriate company where you want to import your sample customers.
  2. Go to Data import export framework window and select the “Data import/export parameter” under the setup section.     1
  3. From this “Data import/export parameter” window set your desired common path for data import and export and click validate to verify the path then close the window.2
  4. In the same window, click the Processing group under the common section.3
  5. Enter the Group Name and description for your sample customer import process. Then select the group name and click the Entities button.4
  6. Click “New” button from this window and select the Entity as “Customer” then select the source data format. If you already defined the source data format, just select it and go to step 8 or right click from this field and select view details to define your new source data format.5
  7. In the Source data formats widow create a new source name CSV and define the file format and delimiter as shown below screen shot and close this window.6
  8. Select the Source data format as CSV and click the “Generate source file”.7
  9. Click “Next”.8
  10. By default, the mandatory fields are marked automatically. You can also select additional fields as you desired (eg. Here I have selected Name field as additionally). Then click the “Generate sample file”.9
  11. The sample file will generate as shown below. You need to save this file as CSV format to the path specified in step 3.10
  12. Click “Finish”.11
  13. Open the saved file and enter the customer details as shown below.12
  14. Then select the saved CSV file by clicking the browse icon.13
  15. Now select the “Preview source file” and verify the data.1415
  16. Then click “Get staging data”.16
  17. Click OK button.                                                                                                                                17
  18. Click Run and press OK to process the sample data to staging table.                                                          18 1919 20
  19. After successfully processed the staging data process. Click “Copy data to target” to move the staging table data to customer table.21
  20. Select and Run the job to process the staging data as shown below screenshots.       22 23 24 25
  21. Once the job successfully run, go to All customers and you can see the new customers.26

Hope this helps!!!

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