Purchasing All-in-one Document Viewer – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Purchasing All-in-One View window is available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 for locating vendor records and displaying related purchasing documents in the same window.

We can use the Purchasing All-in-One View window to select that vendor and then view all documents related to the payment, such as the purchase order, receipt, invoice, credits, miscellaneous charges and finance charges, and payment with having link to vendor’s inquiries.

You can access the Purchasing All-in-One View window from the following windows and navigation lists:

  • Your home page
  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Purchase Order Processing Document Inquiry
  • Vendor Inquiry
  • Payables Transaction Inquiry – Vendor
  • Payables Transaction Inquiry – Document
  • Purchase Order Processing Document Inquiry
  • Purchase Order Processing Item Inquiry
  • Navigation lists and any views of these lists
  • Vendors
  • All Purchasing Transactions
  • Payables Transactions
  • Purchase Order Transactions

To directly open Purchasing All-in-One View window, go to Purchasing >> Inquiry >> All-in-One View, or Home >>
Quick Links >> All-in-One View.


This window opens without any data. You can specify the vendor and the details of the
information to display in the window. Each section there is an filter button available to view particular records.

Top of the window there is an Options button available, it will allows us to select which columns and document types to display in the window.

For example, if you don’t use Purchase Orders, clear the Purchase Orders selection and the first column displays receipts. The Credit Documents column marked to display by default, but with this column marked, up to six columns of data can be shown.
You can view the last five transactions by document date, arranged by the newest to the oldest in each column. Use the sort order ( ) buttons to change the order for transaction information. You can view the next set of transactions by clicking Next 5.

Hope this helps!!!

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