Substituting an item in Sales Order Processing – Microsoft Dynamics GP

When you enter a document in the Sales Transaction Entry window, you select a default site. If there is a quantity shortage for an item at the default site, the Sales Quantity Shortage Options window will open and you can select the Distribute shortage option and choose a substitute item. Substitute items must be set up in inventory and you can set up two substitute items for each inventory item. For more information about substitute items, see the Inventory Control documentation.

To substitute an item:

  1. In the Sales Quantity Shortage Options window, select the Distribute option to open the Sales Item Quantity Distribution Entry window.
  2. Choose Substitute to open the Sales Substitute Item window. Select a substitute item from the drop-down list and choose OK.
  3. In the Quantities Available section of the Sales Item Quantity Distribution Entry window, check the site to see the quantity available for the substitute item. Enter an amount for the quantity selected. You can also enter a quantity canceled and quantity back ordered.
  4. Choose Insert. An entry will appear in the Quantities Selected section of the window.

If you’re using extended pricing and a promotion exists for the item and quantity you entered, the Promotion Alert window will open, where you can accept or reject the promotion.

  1. Repeat the process to choose an additional substitute item or site to fill the quantity needed. The total quantity selected less the quantity back ordered and quantity canceled must equal the Original Item Extended Quantity.
  2. Choose OK to close the window and save your entries.

Hope this helps!!!

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