Use of “Number of Days” & “Order Policy” in Item Resource Planning window

These two “Number of Days” & “Order Policy”  field are used for Manufacturing item demand calculation/verification (Manufacturing Resource Planning) and PO generation calculation.

Number of Days

This field is available only if the order policy for the item is Period Order Quantity.

Enter the number of days to be considered in calculations of supply of the item.

For example, if demand for 30 days should be consolidated into a single order, you’d enter 30.

To know about the order policy, please have a look on the GP abbreviation.

Order Policy

This field is available only for items whose type is Sales Inventory or Discontinued.

Select the order policy to be used for the item.

If you select Use PO Gen, the Calculate MRP for the item/site option automatically is cleared. If you’ve identified the site as the master site for the item, the order policy must be Use PO Gen.

If you select Not Planned, you won’t be able to edit any information for the item or item-site combination in the Purchase Order Generator Item Maintenance window. This option is selected automatically for inactive items.

Other order policies are available if you’re using Manufacturing. Refer to the Manufacturing documentation for more information.

The order policy you select determines the fields that are available in this window.

Hope this helps!!!


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