Creating a Smartlist for Exchange Rates Maintenance in GP

Suppose users want to see the list of Exchange Rates in GP, they can easily create a new smartlist and get the information from exchange rate maintenance window.

Please follow the below steps to create a new smartlist for Exchange Rate Maintenance.

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Tools–>SmartList Builder, and then click SmartList Builder.

2. In the SmartList ID box, type an ID for the new object .
3. In the SmartList Name box, type the name that you want to use for the object .
Note: This name is the name that you will see in SmartList. The name that you type automatically populates  the Item Name box.
4. Click the plus sign next to the Tables area, and then click Microsoft Dynamics GP Table.
5. In the Add Table window, follow these steps:
    a. In the Product list, click Microsoft Dynamics GP.
    b. In the Series list, click System.
    c. In the Table list, click Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance, and then clickSave .
6. Mark all the check box as shown below and click save .

7. Now go to Microsoft Dynamics GP–>SmartList then expand the System and you can see your Exchange Rate details.

Note: We can also create more smartlists with following the above steps and adding any GP tables and views.

Hope this helps!!!

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