Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager Error: “Are you sure you want to delete this customer record?”

Sometimes user may receive the below error message while trying to integrate Customer records from Integration Manager to Dynamics GP.

Error Message: “Are you sure you want to delete this customer record?” 

Cause: May be the Customer Maintenance window has been modified or any 3rd party product.


  1. Go to Dynamics GP and open Customization Status window (MS Dynamics GP–> Tools–> Customize–> Customization Status).
  2. From this window disable all the third party products except Integration Manager.
  3. Open Alternate/Modified Forms and Report window (MS Dynamics GP–> Tools–> Setup–> System–> Alternate/Modified Forms and Report)
  4. Choose the desired ID for the user who is running the integration.
  5. Select Product as “All Product” and choose Type as window.
  6. Drill down to Sales–>Customer Maintenance and then select Microsoft Dynamics GP as default window for the selected user then save the changes.
  7. Now open Integration Manager to run your Customer Records integration.

Hope this helps!!!

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