How to setup sample EFT File Format in Dynamics GP?

Electronics Fund Transfer(EFT) is the one of the main feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP with the options of Payables and Receivables Managements. Sometimes users want to setup sample EFT file format for their testing purpose before using the EFT functionality. For this case, users can achieve the same with following the below steps.

1. Go to Cards–>Finance–>EFT File Format.

2. Enter your own Format ID and Description.

3. Then choose the module and select predefined Format Types on your bank.

4. Click save.

5. Now open Checkbook EFT Payables or Receivable Options window(Cards–>Financial–>Checkbook and click EFT button and choose Bank then click Payables\Receivable Option button) to assign the EFT Format.

Note: You can create prenotes EFT files from this window.

6. Create EFT checks for EFT vendors.

7. Finally Generate EFT files.

Hope this helps!!!

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