How to Add Lookup Button in Dynamics GP Scrolling Window using Dexterity?

In Dexterity, we can add lookup button with using link looup functionality. This is standard procedure for adding lookup button in GP window. Suppose if we want to add lookup button in GP Scrolling window, then we need to follow some additional steps rather than header section.

Follow below steps to add lookup button in GP window using Dexterity.

1. Double click to open a scrolling window where you want to add lookup button.

2. In Scrolling window, add one lookup button with visibility false.

3. Then go to: Tools–>Link Look up.

3. Long left click on the field where you want to link the lookup button in scrolling window and drag to the field lookup button which you have created in step 2. Then release the left click.

4. Close scrolling window and click Save button to save the changes.

5. In header of the scrolling window add a lookup button near to the label which you linked in scrolling window field.

6. Double click the lookup button and write the below code.

run script ‘lookup button’ of scrolling_window of form ‘Main form’;

‘lookup button’ = Enter scrolling window lookup button field name.
scrolling_window = scrolling window name.
‘Main form’ = The form name of scrolling window attached.

7. Close form and Click Save to save the changes.

8. Now go to test mode and check the lookup button functionality.

Hope this helps!!!


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