How to Grant Only Inquiry Access to Users in Dynamics GP?

In Dynamics GP there are several predefined task and role available for user security. Suppose if you want to give only inquiry access to users, you can create a new role with enabling some predefined inquiry task id and assign the role id to the users who wants only inquiry access. Follow the below steps to create a new role for only inquiry access.

1. Open Security Role Setup window(Tools–>Setup–>System–>Security Roles).

2. Enter Role ID, Role Name and Role Description.

3. In Display drop down list choose “All”.

4. In the scrolling window all the Task IDs are will appear automatically.

5. Mark all the Task ID starting with “INQ”.

6. Click Save button.

7. Go to: Tools–>Setup–>System–>User Security.

8. Choose User ID and Company ID.

9. Mark the new Role ID which you have created in steps 1 to 6 and enter Alternate/Modified Forms and Report ID.

10. Click Save.

Hope this helps!!!

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