How to Print Multicurrency Posting Journal Reports in Dynamics GP?

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, we can print several types of reports using Multicurrency Management. Some reports are automatically printed and some others won’t. For these type of reports, we need to follow certain procedures.

If you want to print Multicurrency Payables Hold Journal, just register Multicurrency Management. After it has been registered, while printing reports from Hold Payables Transaction window then the Multicurrency Payables Hold Journal report will print automatically. For printing multicurrency posting journal reports, these are not printing automatically. Because, you need to enable “Add Multicurrency Info” option in posting setup window.

For example: How to Print Multicurrency Manual Payment Posting Journal?

Follow below steps to print the Multicurrency Manual Payment Posting Journal report

  • Before printing Multicurrency report, make sure you have registered Multicurrency Management in registration window(Tools–>Setup–>System–>Registration).
  • In Dynamics GP, there is two types of report available for Manual Payment Posting Journal Reports.
    1. Manual Payment Posting Journal
    2. MC Manual Payment Posting Journal
  • If we follow below steps with the registration of Multicurrency Management, while printing the Manual Payment it will print the multicurrency posting journal report unless it will print standard posting report(without multicurrency).
  1. Go to: Posting Setup window(Tools–>Setup–>Posting–>Posting).
  2. In Posting Setup window, choose the series as Purchasing and Origin as Payment Entry.
  3. Mark the Include Multicurrency Info check box.
  4. Click Save button.
  5. Then, go to: Manual Payment Entry window(Transactions–>Purchasing–>Manual Payment).
  6. Enter payment number and click print button at the right corner of the window.
  7. Now, Multicurrency Manual Payment Posting Journal report will print instead of standard posting journal report.

Note: You can also print the Multicurrency Manual Payment Posting Journal report from Payables Batches Entry window (Transactions–>Purchasing–>Batches).

Hope this helps!!!


  1. Hi Soma,

    I know this is an old post but it saved my day. I was having issue printing the multi-currency on the Cash Receipts Edit List and your above article came in handy. It’s now working the way users wanted it.

    Thanks a lot
    Paul Chacko

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