Error in Integrating Intercompany Journal Entry from Integration Manager

Integration Manager is very useful integration tool for convert and transfer data from most database formats or desktop applications into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If we use integration manager to integrate intercompany journal entries into GP, sometimes we may often face the below error.

DOC x ERROR: Non-alphanumeric or lowercase characters were found in the ‘Account Number’ field of the ‘Entries’ recordset.

The cause of this issue is the account number fields from input files contains the different account segment with separator values for appropriate intercompanies. This is correct format, but Integration Manager won’t support the account number fields with separator.

To resolve this issue, provide the account number values with no account separator.

For example:

The account number format for first company is XXX-XXXX-XXX and the second company XXXXXXXX-XX. If you want integrate multi company JE transactions, the account number field from the input file should not contains any account separator. Should be correct format in below example.

In Correct             Correct format

000-1200-00           000120000

12000000-00          1200000000

Hope this helps!!!


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