Print Bar-Code Item Numbers in Microsoft Dynamics GP Reports

One of our customers wants to print the Item Number in the SOP Blank Picking report as Bar Code format. After some analysis I have modified the report and printed with Item Numbers as Bar Code format. The below are the steps providing you to achieve the same in Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer.

Before modifying the report you must install a bar-code package that includes fonts on each GP workstation where you want to print reports. After installed bar-code fonts, follow below steps to modify the report.

Create a calculated field in Report Writer

  1. Print the report to the screen, and then go to Menu Tools–>Customize–>Modify Current Report to click Ctrl+F9 to open the Report Layout.
  2. In the Toolbox, click Calculated fields, and then click New.
  3. In the New field dialog box, type following elements in the respective fields:
    • Name: Barcode_Field_Name
    • Result Type: String
    • Expression Type: Calculated
  4. On the Constants tab, select the following elements, and then click Add.
    • Type: String
    • Constant: *
  5. Click the Cat button.
  6. On the Functions tab, select the following elements, and then click Add.
    • Type: System-defined
    • Function: STRIP
  7. On the Fields tab, select the following elements, and then click Add:
    • Resources: Calculated Fields
    • Field: sItemNumber(The Field_Name must contains the bar code)
  8. Click the Cat button.
  9. On the Constants tab, select the following elements, and then click Add:
    • Type: String
    • Constant: *
  10. The resulting calculated field are displayed as: “*” # STRIP(sItemNumber)# “*”
  11. Click OK.
  12. In the Toolbox, click Calculated Fields.
  13. Drag the calculated field that you created to the appropriate area of the Report Layout.
  14. Close the report. System will prompted to save changes, click Save.
  15. On the File menu, click Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  16. In Dynamics GP, Go to: Tools–>Setup–>System–>Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports.
  17. In the ID field and in the Description field, type the ID and the description that you want to give access to use modified report.
  18. Select Product as Microsoft Dynamics GP and Type as Reports.
  19. Expand the Sales series, and then click the SOP Blank Packing Slip Form to Microsoft Dynamics GP(Modified). Click Save.
  20. Finally print the report.

Hope this helps!!!


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