Payables and Receivables Tables in Dynamic GP

Below are the tables most commonly used for Dynamics GP in SQL.

Payables Management Tables:

PM00200 – Vendor Master
PM00201 – Vendor Master Summary
PM00202 – Vendor Period Summary
PM00204 – 1099 Period Detail
PM00300 – Vendor Address Master
PM00400 – PM Keys Master
PM10000 – Work Transactions
PM10100 – GL Distributions for Work and Open Transactions
PM10200 – Apply To Work and Open
PM10300 – Work Payments
PM10400 – Work Manual Payments
PM20000 – Open Transactions
PM30200 – Historical Paid Transactions
PM30300 – Apply To History
PM30600 – GL Distributions for Historical Transactions
MC020103 – Multicurrency Payables Transactions

Receivables Management Tables:

RM00101 – Customer Master
RM00102 – Customer Addresses
RM00103 – Customer Master Summary
RM00104 – Customer Period Summary
RM00106 – Statement Email Addresses
RM00201 – Customer Class Master
RM00301 – Salesperson Master
RM00303 – Sales Territory Master
RM00401 – RM Key File
RM10101 – Distribution Work and Open
RM10201 – Work Cash Receipts
RM10301 – Work Sales Transactions
RM10501 – Commissions Work
RM20101 – Open Transactions
RM20201 – Open Transactions Apply
RM30101 – Historical Transactions
RM30201 – Historical Transactions Apply
RM30301 – Distribution History
RM30501 – Commissions History
MC020102 – Multicurrency Receivables Transactions

Hope this helps!!!

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