System and Company Table Names for Dynamics GP

Below are the tables most commonly used for Dynamics GP in SQL.

Company databases:
SY00500 – Batch Master
SY01200 – Internet Addresses
SY01401 – User Defaults
SY02200 – Posting Journal Destinations
SY02300 – Posting Settings
SY03000 – Shipping Methods Master
SY03100 – Credit Card Master
SY03300 – Payment Terms Master
SY03900 – Record Notes Master
SY04200 – Comment Master
SY40100 – Period Setup
SY40101 – Period Header
TX00101 – Tax Schedule Header Master
TX00102 – Tax Schedule Master
TX00201 – Tax Detail Master
TX30000 – Tax History

System database:
ACTIVITY – User Activity
SY003001 – Account Definition Header
SY00302 – Account Definition Detail
SY00800 – Batch Activity
SY00801 – Resource Activity
SY01400 – Users Master
SY01402 – System User Defaults
SY01403 – User Tasks (Reminders)
SY01404 – Customer Reminders Setup
SY01500 – Company Master
SY01990 – Shortcut Bar Master (Navigation Pane Shortcuts)
SY60100 – User Access
SY09000 – Task master
SY09100 – Role master
SY09200 – Alternate or modified form and report ID master
SY10500 – Role assignment master
SY10550 – DEFAULTUSER task ID assignment master
SY10600 – Tasks assignments master
SY10700 – Operations assignments master
SY10750 – DEFAULTUSER task assignment
SY10800 – Alternate or modified form and report ID assignment master

Hope this helps!!!

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