New Features in GP 2013 HR and Payroll enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 has several features with many enhancements. Here we have described the features about Human Resources and Payroll Enhancements.

Human Resources

  • Life insurance premium age based on birthday or end of year
  • Email address for applicants

U.S. Payroll

  • Default print option
  • Warning for duplicate checks
  • New Build Check File Exception Report
  • Edit Pay Code History information
  • FICA Tax Sheltered Annuity changes
  • Modify pay, benefit and deduction codes
  • Sort checks by check date in inquiry windows

Human Resources and Payroll Suite

  • Unified communications implemented

Advanced Human Resources

  • Advanced Warning Notice
  • Delete History Records
  • Editable labels for user defined fields added to CLTM functionality

U.S. Payroll Extensions

  • Mandatory Arrears Templates with Reminders
  • Deduction in Arrears Report settings
  • PIP Voucher Consolidation
  • Payables integration voucher options
  • Use custom voucher descriptions

PTO Manager

  • Update HR Vacation Calendar with PTO information
  • Manual checks update PTO
  • Negative carryover
  • PTO detail and history
  • PTO Exception Report

You can download PDF from below location.

Hope this helps!!!

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