New Features in GP 2013 Foundation enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 has several features with many enhancements. Here we have described the features about Foundation Enhancements.

Foundation enhancements

Document attachments

You can attach documents to the following master records, transaction and the line items assigned to the transactions.
(Added in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2.)

Master records

  • Item record
  • Vendor record
  • Customer record


  • Sales quote Drop-ship blanket purchase order
  • Sales order Shipment receipt
  • Sales fulfillment order Shipment/Invoice receipt
  • Sales invoice Purchasing Invoice receipt
  • Sales return In-transit transfer receipt
  • Sales back order Purchasing return
  • Standard purchase order Purchasing return/credit
  • Blanket purchase order Purchasing inventory
  • Drop-ship purchase order Purchasing inventory w/Credit

Email functionality

  • Sending documents in email messages
  • Sales Order Processing Transaction lists
  • Server type for email
  • Password protection for Word documents

Home Page

  • The Microsoft Office Outlook area has been removed.
  • The Metrics area was replaced by the Business Analyzer area.
  • You can maximize and minimize area pages in your home page.
  • You can move area pages within your home page.
  • You can use the Customize Home Page window to select the number of columns to display and the location of the columns in your home page.
  • You can use the Customize Area Page window to select which area pages are displayed in your home page.

Installation and deployment features

  • Naming system databases
  • Naming the sample company database
  • Report deployment
  • Analytical Accounting


The sort order is saved when you save a default lookup view for your master records. You can save the sort order for the following lookup windows.

  • Items lookup window
  • Employees lookup window
  • Customers and Prospects lookup window
  • Salespeople lookup window
  • Vendors lookup window
  • The sort order is saved on a per user, per company basis.


  • Select a printer when printing
  • Print reports from maintenance windows


 Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window

  •  You can display only the forms or reports that are assigned to the ID, Product, Type and Series by marking the Display Selected option. You can’t make changes when this options is selected.
  • You can restore the selections to the settings from the original Microsoft Dynamics GP installation or change access to all forms or reports for a product. The option displayed will depend on the selection you’ve made in the Product list.
  • You can select the series that contains the form or report you want to grant access to. This will narrow down the list of windows or reports in the list.
  • You can use the Show/Hide button to expand the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports List to grant access to individual forms or reports.


SmartList window changes

  • A new submenu has been added to the SmartList menu. From the Favorites Pane submenu, you can hide or show the Favorites Pane, increase or decrease the size of the Favorites Pane, and choose to automatically hide the Favorite Pane after selecting a SmartList favorite.
  • You can right-click in the Favorites Pane and select to increase or decrease the size of the Favorites pane. You also choose a button to hide or show the Favorites Pane.

SmartList Designer

  • You can use SmartList Designer to create a new SmartList or to create a new SmartList based on an existing Smartlist. After creating a SmartList, you can use SmartList Designer to modify the SmartList.

Word templates

If you are using Sales Order Processing, the following new predefined Word templates installed with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • Sales Order Processing Back Order
  • Sales Order Processing Picking Ticket

Integration Manager

  • If you do not have a default Integration Manager database when starting Integration Manager, the Select Database window opens. Use this window to select the database you want to open. You also can mark the Set as default database option.

Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics

  • Address Verification Service for Payment Services

You can download PDF from below location.

Hope this helps!!!

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