New Features in GP 2013 Financial enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 has several features with many enhancements. Here we have described the features about Financial Enhancements.

General Ledger

  • Clear balances of unit accounts during year-end close process
  • Keep inactive accounts with zero balances during the year-end close
  • View status during the year-end close
  • View net change and period balances for unit accounts at the same time
  • General Ledger batch approval information is stored
  • Reconcile subledgers to General Ledger
  • Copy posted transactions

Payables Management

  • Edit payables information
  • Reprint remittance forms and check stubs
  • Information for voiding reconciled payments
  • Voiding check enhancements
  • 1096 statements
  • 1099 address ID
  • 1099 box numbers and fields added
  • Combine or modify vendor IDs

Receivables Management

  • Define labels for user defined fields in Customer Address Maintenance
  • Apply unposted multicurrency cash receipts
  • View the checkbook ID in the Cash Receipts Inquiry Zoom window
  • Select a range of documents when voiding payables documents
  • Combine or modify customer IDs

Bank Reconciliation

  • Reconciling a bank statement with a checkbook — You can reconcile a checkbook that has no transaction, service charge, or income activity.

Multicurrency Management

  • Average exchange rate calculation method for currency translation
  1. Rate Average = (sum of rates)/(number of rates) per period
  2. Rate Days Average = [Sum (rates*number of days)/(number of days in the month)]

Analytical Accounting

  • Integrate Analytical Accounting with Fixed Asset Management
  • Copy purchase orders
  • Copy sales transactions
  • Copy posted transactions
  • Integrate Analytical Accounting with Sales Order Processing deposits and payments

Electronic Banking

  • BAI2 bank format added to Electronic Reconcile
  • EFT field length
  • EFT settlement date

Fixed Assets Management

  • Historical depreciation amounts
  • Fixed Assets Depreciation Detail and Fixed Assets Depreciation Ledger reports
  • Book Setup window update
  • Depreciation Process Information window
  • Posting in detail to General Ledger
  • Edit distributions before posting batch to General Ledger
  • Intercompany transfers
  • Automatically generating the next asset ID
  • Fixed Assets Management calendars
  • Integrate Analytical Accounting with Fixed Asset Management

Encumbrance Management

  • Multiple budget selection for encumbrance
  • Encumbrance integration with General Ledger

You can download PDF from below location.

Hope this helps!!!

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