Volume based sales pricing in Dynamics GP

Do you want to use volume based sales inventory pricing in Dynamics GP? i.e quantities each 1-10 as $1000.00, 11-20 each quantities as $500.00 and over 20 each as $300.00.

In dynamics GP, there are two types of pricing methods available.

  1. Standard Pricing
  2. Extended Pricing

Standard pricing represent a normal ‘Price List’ with contains Unit of Measure, Currency, Price Level and Quantity.

Extended Pricing represents advanced Pricing concepts with including Customer, Date, Unit of Measure, Currency, Promotion and Quantity based pricing. Also we can set pricing for group of customers and items.

These both Standard and Extended Pricing are providing the functionality for set Volume based sales pricing in GP. So, we can use either standard or extended pricing.

For using Extended Standard Pricing, we need enable this module and need to set pricing for all the inventory items to date basis. This is a complicated feature to base and promotion prices. So, better users can use standard pricing functionality to set volume based pricing in GP.

Follow below steps to set volume based pricing with using Standard Pricing concept in GP.

  1. Go to: Cards–>Inventory–>Price List.
  2. In Item Price List Maintenance window, set the sales prices based on volume.

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